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Fresh meat, cured meat and honey


Locally-produced meat is famous thanks to the quality of its beef. Many qualified breeders raise the area’s traditional ‘vacca maremmana’ breed of cows. They are the source of Maremmana-breed beef, one of the most important elements of biodiversity in the area. This meat is lean, flavourful and does not dry out when cooked. It is mostly used to prepare stews and boiled meat dishes.

This area also boasts quality salamis and sausages, made using traditional methods, hams and traditional wild boar salami, made by mixing, processing and preparing wild boar meat and pork in sausages, using additional spices such as pepper and chilli pepper.


Honey production is another growing industry in the area. At the moment, three companies sell labelled produce, but there are many beekeepers who are familiar with this art and who produce high quality honey. One of the most traditional and distinctive types is Jerusalem Thorn honey. Jerusalem Thorn is a spiny bush found in woodlands and Mediterranean scrubland. It blossoms from May to June with small, yellow flowers. The honey made from it has an amber colour, a pouring consistency and a transparent appearance. The flavour and aroma, reminiscent of Mediterranean scrubland, are very intense: it is not too sweet and it has a slightly bitter aftertaste.