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Ghirlanda Fair

This is a fair that takes place on 1st September and which originates from the old custom of bringing animals to market. This event has now become a popular festival throughout the region.

The town of Ghirlanda, only a few miles away from Massa Marittima, has thus kept this unusual tradition, which still revolves around animals such as cows, pigs, donkeys and horses, displayed by local breeders who compete for prizes for the best specimens.

Every year on 1st September this unusual ‘market’ attracts many visitors from the surrounding areas and beyond, as well as many farm workers who take advantage of the occasion to see the modern agricultural tools on display in a special section of the fairground.

Hence Ghirlanda’s tradition combines the typical features of a popular custom and the characteristics of a modern agricultural fair, with a significant impact on the entire Colline Metallifere region.